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Steri-Clean South Carolina - Crime Scene Cleanup

When dealing with Trauma and Crime Scene clean up, you need a professional. Steri-Clean South Carolina is the industry leader in crime scene clean up.

Dealing with a crime scene of any magnitude can be extremely traumatic. Crime scene cleanup encompasses many things. The crime could take place in a vehicle, a home, outside, or a place of business. If you have dealt with a trauma or crime of any kind, contact Steri-Clean to conduct the cleanup. 


The trauma and emotional stress you feel after dealing with or seeing a crime scene can be unbearable. The daunting task of having to clean it up adds another level of trauma and heartbreak. Professionals like us exist for a reason. Allow us to help you through this time! 


When you hear crime scene, the first thought is typically blood. Although many crime scenes do involve blood, many do not. Some crime scenes are homes that have been tear-gassed and are causing breathing problems for an asthmatic child, or fingerprint dust on your doorknob that can damage personal items. Some of these substances law enforcement uses to gain entry or during their investigation contain harsh chemicals that everyday cleaners can’t disable. 


Bodily fluids such as vomit, urine, and feces can all be a part of a crime scene. These substances can contain biohazardous material and be potentially life-threatening. 


Likewise, everyday cleaners aren’t enough for crime scene clean up. They weren’t made to disinfect blood borne pathogens. Steri-Clean’s number one priority is safety, and we use products specifically made to offer the highest level of disinfection for you and your loved ones. These products are specifically formulated for crime scene clean up, removing all traces of blood, body fluids, biohazards, and harsh chemical substances. 


Homeowners insurance will typically assist in these cases. We will work directly with your insurance company to take as much off your shoulders as possible. Steri-Clean truly cares about our clients and will do as much as we can to help you rebuild your home and life. We’re here to help.

Potential Dangers of a Crime Scene:


The biggest potential danger when encountering a crime scene is your health and safety. Bloodborne pathogens and diseases are not visible to the naked eye. It is always best to stay on the side of safety. Standard cleaning supplies won’t do the trick. One of the largest misconceptions we come across is that cleaning with a standard cleaner and using bleach will do the trick. That is extremely far from the truth. What is the most dangerous is what is unseen, and that is the remnants of bodily fluids and bloodborne pathogens. These cleaning products will not sanitize the scene, thus putting you in danger. 


Specialized equipment and cleaners are required to ensure your safety. Steri-Clean will test using a proven method to ensure there is no biohazard left. Crime scene clean-up is not as simple as just wiping the area down. It requires meticulous eyes, extreme skills and training, and specialized products. There are many variations in every situation, making each situation different from the last. Safety is always our number one priority.


Home damage is another component of safety. If you encounter a situation such as an undiscovered death, this could cause cosmetic and structural damage to your home. Blood and bodily fluids can seep into floors, walls, carpets, and much more. Having the situation cleaned quickly is imperative to not only your physical health, but the safety of your home as well.


 If you encounter a situation where you need crime or trauma scene cleanup, contact Steri-Clean South Carolina 24/7/365 at 1-888-577-7206.




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