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Steri-Clean South Carolina - Animal Waste Cleanup Services

Whether you’ve simply let things go, had a bad tenant, an animal infestation, or had an animal with health issues, Steri-Clean South Carolina is here for all your animal waste cleanup needs. If you’re looking for judgement free, professional animal waste cleanup, contact Steri-Clean today. From cat waste, dog waste, pigeon waste, rodent waste, to decaying animal cleanup, there is no situation Steri-Clean can’t tackle. We understand keeping up behind an animal can be difficult. Below you’ll find an in-depth explanation for each animal waste cleanup situation! Each situation is different, and if you encounter a one-of-a-kind cleanup need that isn’t listed below, give us a call. We will tailor customize an estimate to fit your needs.

Common Types of Animal Waste​

Cat Urine

Cats are sly animals and keeping up behind them can be difficult. Whether it’s a kitten that’s not litterbox trained, or an elderly cat with health issues, cat urine has a unique odor. This is due to alkaline salts in the urine. This can be a serious waste issue and cause structural damage to your home. Not only can your flooring and walls be affected, your subfloor and foundation can become affected in severe situations. Steri-Clean South Carolina can provide cat urine cleanup, as well as odor treatments to restore your home. 

Dead/Decaying Animal

Dead and decaying animal cleanup is always a heart wrenching situation. There are many circumstances in which this could happen. Whether you’re flipping an abandoned home, or encounter an animal hoarding situation, Steri-Clean South Carolina is here to take the weight from your shoulders and properly disinfect the home. 

Pet Feces

The most common animal waste cleanup we encounter is pet feces cleanup. Whether it be in your own home, from a tenant, or from a sick animal, the damage pet feces can do to a home is extreme. Pet feces can seep into all types of flooring, and even sub-flooring. This can cause extreme damage to your home! Steri-Clean offers discreet and effective cleanup services that can be tailored to each individual situation. 

Pigeon Waste

Pigeons can be a nuisance and are very prevalent in the Carolinas. Pigeons like to nest in safe, enclosed areas. This could be the attic of your home, or a warehouse bay in your commercial building. Not only can they be messy, pigeon droppings can carry Histoplasmosos, which can be contracted by simply breathing in the air around it. Contact Steri-Clean for your pigeon waste cleanup needs, and make sure you stay out of the area as much as possible for your health. 


Rodent Waste

Rodent dropping and waste cleanup comes in many shapes and sizes. Whether you unknowingly had rodent droppings in your crawlspace, a squirrel living in your attic, or your exterminator missed the kitchen cabinets, there is no rodent waste cleanup that Steri-Clean South Carolina can’t handle. Rodent droppings and waste can carry countless diseases that not only affect humans, but animals as well. Most exterminators will treat for the rodents, but not clean the droppings after. Steri-Clean is here for you to ensure your loved ones and furry friends are safe.

Steri-Clean Has the Cleaners You Need


From the simplest waste cleanup situations, to the most heart wrenching, Steri-Clean can safely and successfully fix the problem for you. We are here with open arms and without judgement. Your family’s safety is our number one priority in all animal waste cleanup situations. Never try to fix the problem yourself, let the professionals do it for you. 


Call us today at 1-888-577-7206 to move past these issues and on with your life!

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