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Cigarette Smoke Removal in South Carolina –
Residential and Commercial

Cigarette odor is a smell that anyone can recognize. This can be an annoyance, a health hazard, or even prevent your home from being sold. Studies have shown a home with smoke odor sells for significantly less than a smoke free home. The problem goes further than just the odor. Walls and flooring can be stained and yellowed from the tar. Steri-Clean experts can remove the odor and drastically reduce this yellowing.


Steri-Clean South Carolina offers smoke odor removal for homes, commercial buildings, and much more. We have the expertise to add value to your home, convert a smoking section to a non-smoking area, and provide you with a much more pleasant area! 


You may have experienced a tenant smoking in a non-smoking property, or just decided to quit smoking cigarettes yourself. Regardless of the circumstances, Steri-Clean is the industry leader in smoke odor removal.


Cigarette smoke and odor removal requires a process that scientifically alters the smoke odor molecule. This method has been proven repeatedly. Air fresheners and residential-grade cleaning supplies may temporarily mask the smell, but not solve the problem long term. We utilize oxidizing agents, commercial-grade ozone generators and specialized foggers to remove cigarette odor. This leaves you with a clean, safe, and fresh environment!


Cigarette Smoke Removal in South Carolina– Cars and Vehicles

Like homes, odors in vehicles dramatically reduce the value. Whether it be cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, or other smoke odor, the smell may be enough to prevent you from buying or selling a car. Steri-Clean technicians have the knowledge to remove smoke odor from your vehicle. 


To successfully conduct a smoke odor treatment, we conduct a light detail of your vehicle to have a clean surface and remove obvious odor sources. This is followed by an upholstery extraction with an odor neutralizer. We utilize commercial-grade ozone generators to scientifically alter the smoke odor molecule. This treats the air in your vehicle, all surfaces, and penetrates your vehicles HVAC system, successfully reaching all nooks and crannies. 


Reach out to us for more details on our vehicle odor removal services. These are not limited to cigarette odor. There are many other odors that can be present in a vehicle, such as spoiled milk or vomit.


Animal Odor, Decompositions, and More


Steri-Clean offers odor treatments for much more than cigarette odor. There is a wide range of unpleasant odors in this world, too many to count! We have encountered situations such as burnt food, animal odor, human decomposition, and even failed odor treatments by other companies. 


For example, animal urine and waste is a strong odor that often penetrates deep into surfaces. We locate the source of the odor and utilize the same process to alter the odor molecule. These treatments do not mask the smell, they remove them. Our odor removal treatments destroy odor in HVAC systems, furniture, floors, and much more. These treatments can be tailored to fit your specific needs.


Human decompositions are a heart-wrenching circumstance. As the human body decomposes, blood and bodily fluids begin to leak out. This leaves you with an awful odor. There are factors that affect the rate of decomposition and the extent of the odor, but nevertheless it is unpleasant. Steri-Clean offers a state of the art odor treatment to ensure there is no trace of biohazard or odor left in the home.


If you need a stubborn odor of any kind removed, call the odor removal experts at Steri-Clean South Carolina. We have a proven method that can destroy any odor. Call us today at 1-888-577-7206. for information on how we can help. 

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