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Professional Tear Gas Cleanup Services in South Carolina

Tear gas isn’t just something you see in the movies. It is more commonly used than you would think! Tear gas is a chemical weapon used to diffuse violent situations. It was first used in World World I as a method of chemical warfare.  It could be a hostage situation or used to disable rioters.


Steri-Clean offers professional tear gas cleanup services to any location. Although tear gas is not lethal in small doses, it is an irritant and can cause respiratory issues if inhaled. This can lead to difficulty breathing and chest pain, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions.


Steri-Clean tear gas cleanup technicians are trained to know which chemicals to use to safely eliminate tear gas without causing any further damage to your home or health. Our main goal is safety.


When tear gas is shot into a building or home, tear gas residue sticks to every surface. It can be absorbed into flooring, furniture, linens, HVAC systems, and even ceiling fan motors. It is necessary for your health to have a professional like Steri-Clean conduct tear gas cleanup. It is a stubborn process and requires military-grade neutralizers. 


Steri-Clean South Carolina has the knowledge and training to conduct tear gas clean up. We are equipped with the proper Personal Protective Equipment, cleaning products, and tear gas knowledge to guarantee proper cleaning and disinfection for you and your loved ones. We are familiar with tear gas cleanups and have the knowledge to find the areas where tear gas may be trapped. 


Attempting to clean the tear gas in your home is not recommended. Not only are you putting your health in danger, but your home as well. There are different types of tear gas. Some are flammable, and some have chemical reactions to cleaning products. 


If you or your home is exposed to tear gas, we recommend the following: 


   • Wash your hands, face, or any part of your body that has been exposed.

   • If you are accessible to an eye-wash station, use that. Your eyes are the most sensitive part of your body to tear gas.

   • Use a mask. A wet paper towel, wash cloth, or towel will work temporarily. Tear gas is used to stop riots – making it very hard to breath when you’re exposed to it.

   • Open your windows and doors. 

   • Switch off all fans – tear gas is known to get stuck in fan motors. 

   • Switch off your HVAC system to prevent cross-contamination through rooms and ductwork.

   • Linens and clothing may be affected and may need to be dry cleaned. 

   • When you re-enter the home, make sure you wear gloves before touching ANYTHING!


 Tear gas cleanup is not a simple process. The only way for you to guarantee there is no gas left in your home is by hiring a professional tear gas cleanup company such as Steri-Clean South Carolina. We are equipped with the correct personal protective equipment for our safety, as well as yours if you need to enter the home. We are familiar with what areas tear gas settles in. 


In situations like this, safety is the number one priority. Our goal to ensure your home or business space is safe for re-entry, with no health hazards.

We will assist you in filing an insurance claim and walk with every step of the process! We understand this not an everyday circumstance and can be very stressful to handle. Let us take the weight of the world from your shoulders! 


Call us today for a free consultation on how we can help you. Our national 24/7 number is 1-888-577-7206

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