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Government Services & Government Cleanup 

When Government Agencies or Law Enforcement needs us, Steri-Clean South Carolina is a phone call away! 

Government, military, and law enforcement encounter dangerous situations every day. Steri-Clean offers the following government services plus more. We understand these individuals put their lives on the line for us every day, and encounter biohazards regularly, which is where our cleanup services come in.  


Biohazards and bodily fluids contain harmful pathogens, blood borne diseases, and more. These are most appropriately cleaned by a third-party professional like


Our government, police, and military cleanup services are available 24/7 and on rapid response. Call us today at 1-877-577-7206


Can we just clean it ourselves?

OSHA requires extensive training to clean biohazards. Simply put, no. Steri-Clean Technicians have taken this training and meet the federal requirements to safely do so. This requires Personal Protective Equipment, EPA-registered hospital grade disinfectants, vaccinations, and written blood borne pathogen exposure plans. If you don’t have these, the risk is not worth it. Janitorial staff, inmates, or even officers are not properly trained to perform biohazard cleanup.

Our Services: 


Police Car Cleanup/Disinfection

Police car cleanup is the most common government service we provide. Biohazards are often found in police cars and other transport vehicles. Should you find your vehicle requires cleanup or disinfection, give us a call. This could include blood, vomit, and bodily fluids. 


Emergency Vehicle Cleanup/Disinfection

In ambulances and even Firetrucks, biohazard is present daily. Steri-Clean provides emergency vehicle cleanup and disinfection to these vehicles to protect the employees and passengers. 

Military Fleet Cleanup/Disinfection

Military vehicles travel overseas to areas that may have infectious diseases, blood borne pathogens, and different strains of viruses. Steri-Clean provides military fleet cleanup and disinfection to ensure our soldiers are in a safe and healthy environment while they serve our country. 


Fingerprint Dust Cleanup

Fingerprint dust detects the residue left by friction ridge skin on the hands and feet. The dust is left behind by law enforcement and can be very difficult to clean. Steri-Clean offers fingerprint dust cleanup to homes, vehicles, and commercial buildings.


Tear Gas Cleanup 

Steri-Clean offers professional tear gas cleanup services to any location. We are trained to know which chemicals to use to safely eliminate the gas without causing any further damage. Although not lethal in small doses, tear gas can be detrimental to your health if you are in an environment that wasn’t professionally cleaned. 


Odor Removal

Odor can come from a variety of things. Whether it be from a biohazard like an unattended death, cigarettes, animal waste, or spoiled food or liquid, Steri-Clean offers odor removal for vehicles, homes, and businesses. 


Traffic Accident Cleanup 

Having a biohazard in the roadway is unsafe for the public. Blood or bodily fluids can be spilled and put first responders in danger, or a pedestrian. Traffic accident cleanup is imperative if you notice anything out of the ordinary in the roadway. 

Hurricane and Emergency Shelter Cleanup 

Hurricane and emergency shelters are opened in South Carolina every year. Many people come immediately for their safety, but once they leave, the space isn’t safe. Steri-Clean offers hurricane and emergency shelter cleanup for schools, commercial buildings, recreational centers, and much more. 

A large gathering of people poses a huge risk to the general public. These people leave their homes at the drop of a hat with clothes, pets, personal items, and potentially infectious diseases and/or pests. Steri-Clean uses hospital-grade, EPA-registered disinfectants in every hurricane shelter cleanup to ensure the safety of the general public once the shelter is closed. 

It’s impossible to identify an infectious disease, a virus, or a blood

borne pathogen with the naked eye. The janitorial staff at these shelters can only provide limited sanitation and health services. Steri-Clean can give you peace of mind that your hurricane shelter is disinfected and safe following shelter closure.

Hurricane and emergency shelter cleanup is necessary to provide safety to the students, patients, and staff that are returning to the facility.

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